Women Coaches, Healers & Practitioners

Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You. 

Don’t just dream of making an impact, and creating business success.

Let’s make it a reality together.

Do You Feel It?

A twinge of dissatisfaction with where you're at?

With the impact and money you are making?

It's not envy - it's a nudge, a sign a call to action.

And You Are In The Right Place!

We offer a programs and resources designed to help you create a successful on your terms. With program designed by women for women we offer …

  1. Exclusive Research Insights: Access our cutting-edge research and learn the secrets behind successful coaching practices.

  2. Leading Edge Training – We utilise our Bullseye Express Blueprint, developed based on extensive research and continually improved as we work with woman around the globe to accelerate your success.

  3. Workshops & Events: To enhance your coaching and training skills and grow your network.

  4. Online Community: Join our supportive online community of amazing women coaches, healers, and practitioners to fast track your success.

  5. Personalised Coaching: Be coached by the experts to accelerate your success in the ever-evolving coaching landscape. 

Discover what you need to focus on that will make all the difference to your business success.

If you’re looking  to take you and your coaching practice to the next level, we are the right choice for you.

Unlock Your True Potential – Through Simplicity, Ease and Well Researched Strategies.

Bullseye Express Compass Coaching Success Model

Discover what you need to focus on that will make all the difference to your business success.


Gabby Button & Deb King founded The Wisdom Playground in 2020.

They combine their wisdom to inspire and educate coaches, healers, practitioners and authors worldwide to create powerful transformational coaching and training programs and a thriving new era businesses. 

The Wisdom Playground Co-Founders Deb King & Gabby Button
The power that each of us wields to change things is beyond comprehension. (

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