ALOHA ... if you have
Wisdom to Share, an Impact to Make and a
Business to Build

You Are In The Right Place

Hello New Era Wisdom Teacher

❤️ You have a Huge Heart ❤️ Wisdom To Share ❤️ Impact To Make ❤️ A Business To Build ❤️

Plus 'HOW' You do it matters ...

It's time to let go of struggle, pushing, and doing things the 'old way that drains your energy.
Instead it's time to focus on what energizes and uplifts to grow your business with Joy and EASE!

The Wisdom Playground is an environment where magic happens

Wisdom Teacher: coach, trainer, mentor, guide, facilitator, healer, practitioner, lightworker, bridge builder, uplifter, leaders, conscious entrepreneur, consultant, advisor …  

Imagine being surrounded by a like hearted tribe of wise, playful souls the are:

  • Creating collaborating
  • Prioritizing energy and alignment
  • Lifting each other as we explore new and better ways forward

Some of the outcomes you can expect:

  • Increase financial flow, a very healthy Return On Investment (ROI) and Return On Energy (ROE)!
  • Attract more high quality ideal clients
  • Expand your offerings and impact
  • Connect and play with your soul family
  • Continue to develop and Transform on your personal and professional journey of mastery 
  • Bring joy to all aspects of business and truly embody thriving.

We have founding member positions currently open for a limited time.

When you join you have access to live online learning parties, powerful coaching and fabulous community of high vibe souls to support you to thrive – and the goodies just keep growing based on your needs.

You can find our more about the Membership Goodies here.

Join us and

❤️No longer do it alone.

❤️No longer separate parts of yourself.

❤️No Longer keep your light small

Here's what our wisdom teacher's are saying ..

Thank you so much Deb & Gabby for all your love and brilliance. You truly are new era wisdom Leaders and life changers. Ginny Daniels – Bloom network, Rethinking women’s wealth.
This is a must-have experience. It is like nothing else out there and will take you further than you ever thought possible. Sashua Benay- Inspired Living
What an amazing group of people to be part of. I thought I was clear on what wisdom I wanted to bring to the world, after a Wisdom Session the clarity just blew my mind, the process and support to uncover my true wisdom was extraordinary. If you want to be a wisdom teacher, this is the place to be. – Eugene Pozzolato

Not a Wisdom Teacher but feeling our vibe and want to join? That’s fabulous. Here’s what you need to know. Later in 2021, we will open up a new membership level so all who want to play can join us. If you would like a VIP Invite to our Launch Pary and Launch Special Offers please join the VIP list by Registering here.


The Wisdom Playground started in 2020 during ‘the great pause’ Deb king and Gabby Button created a sanctuary for big hearted visionary humans to reflect, connect, play, learn and collaborate. This initiative grew into The Wisdom Playground.


Gabby is an award-winning facilitator by day and a part-time philosopher by night. She works with businesses from start-ups to multinationals and has trained around the globe. She loves a good laugh and if you can't find her she is likely to be at the beach reading yet another insightful book.

In 2000 she left her corporate career to navigate a sea change where she immersed herself in her passion for transformational and experiential training to improve the world of work. Earlier in her professional life (or was that past life?) Gabby started out as an accountant and rapidly progressed to executive-level holding roles including financial/business consultant, corporate services manager, and commercial director.

Little known fact: Gabby was born in a lift and named after a nun in a silent order. That backfired!


Deb is an award-winning transformational master coach and promoter of conscious businesses. She is a global citizen with a strong connection to London, Hawaii, and Australia and is likely to be found doing Qi Gon or singing in the shower. (Occasionally after a late-night she'll do both at the same time.)

She has contagious positive energy, is passionate about people, happiness, collaboration, and creating a world that works for everyone. Deb's unconventional career path has included a range of experience in sales, marketing, leadership, business, and coaching. Her eclectic career has been the perfect preparation for her most impassioned purpose: To enhance the alignment, expansion, and impact of new era wisdom teachers and empower projects that uplift humanity.

Little known fact: Deb loves music, used to work in night clubs and even did her time as a nightclub bouncer!!.