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Are you eager to make a difference and boost your income?

Why spend years learning through trial and error when you can benefit from the wisdom gained through the mistakes and struggles of other successful coaches?

By implementing these 10 powerful keys into your coaching offering and business, you’ll leapfrog your way to success and shave off decades from your journey.

Don’t just dream of making an impact, and creating business success.

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Are you a coach, healer or health practitioner that is currently struggling with your business?

Do you find it challenging to attract and retain clients, generate referrals and increase your revenue?

Don't worry - you are not alone.

And lucky for you, you are in the right place!

We fast track you to step into the cycle of Results, Retention, Referrals, and Revenue by following a proven path we’ve uncovered through our exclusive research. 

Our mission is to empower you to develop a clear, well-defined approach that showcases your expertise, builds trust with your clients, and leads to tangible outcomes.

Our research has shown that clients crave a clear understanding of your methods and how they’ll achieve transformational results. By developing a systematic approach, you’ll provide a roadmap for your clients to visualise their transformation and see the value in your coaching. This clarity will lead to more clients, higher conversion rates, and a thriving coaching business.

It also lays the foundation to fast track the creation of group coaching and training programs.

How We Help You Succeed

We offer a programs and resources designed to help you create a successful coaching practice:

  1. Exclusive Research Insights: Access our cutting-edge research and learn the secrets behind successful coaching practices.

  2. Leading Edge Training – High Value, High Impact Coaching Programs: Develop a tailored approach for your unique coaching, based on proven methods and techniques.

  3. Workshops & Events: Participate in workshops, webinars, and live events to enhance your coaching and training skills and grow your network.

  4. Online Community: Join our supportive online community of like-minded coaches, healers, and practitioners to fast track your success.

  5. Personalised Coaching: Be coached by the experts to accelerate your succes in the ever-evolving coaching landscape. 

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Gabby Button & Deb King founded The Wisdom Playground in 2020.

They combine their wisdom to inspire and educate coaches, healers, practitioners and authors worldwide to create powerful transformational coaching and training programs and a thriving new era businesses. 

The Wisdom Playground Co-Founders Deb King & Gabby Button
The power that each of us wields to change things is beyond comprehension. (