3 Mistakes you can easily avoid when creating your online course

1 – Not creating your course with your audience in mind.
You content needs to speak directly to, and connect with your audience. For example, a personal development course created for executives will use different language and examples than the same course aimed at spiritual entrepreneurs.
2 – Not thinking about how long it will take the learner to go through the program and implement their learnings.
– Do you want to create a program the learner can complete in one day, one week, one month, three months? Think about the duration and create the course accordingly. Too often we see courses created based on the idea that ‘the more videos and content the better’. This becomes quite over whelming for the learner and leads to course abandonment.
3 – Not starting because you don’t know what technology you will use.
– A majority of technology platforms will utilise the same principles for course delivery. Spend your time creating the learners journey of transformation through video, workbooks, activities etc and then load that into whatever technology works best for you. You will find that pretty well all course delivery platforms will accommodate your approach.

If you want to know more about course creations and delivery The Wisdom Playground will be putting on a short masterclass sometime soon. Want to get in early and have your questions answered in that masterclass? Comment below. 😍

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