A New Perspective on Employee Engagement

We know the communities, economies, humanity, technology and business have massively evolved since the industrial revolution, but our management and organisational leadership training, education and practices, in general, have not. Nothing could highlight this more than the latest Gallup poll on staff engagement which measured staff engagement at around 13% globally. Interestingly, the statistics on […]

Skyrocket high-Value Coaching Package System

Our signature training program for coaches is called SkyRocket …Why? Because you won’t just have a fabulous high value coaching program to Skyrocket your business you will also SkyRocket ..  Your Confidence (because you will know without doubt that you can create and delivery powerful coaching programs) Your Value (because you will have no longer questions the […]

Age No Barrier for Entrepreneurs

This is an inspirations TED video that shows age is no barrier to becoming a successful entrepreneur. In fact more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs after 60 which is exciting given that older entrepreneurs have a 70% success rate starting new ventures, compared to 28% for younger entrepreneurs (UK CMI study). Gabby Button is […]

Tips for Course/Training design

Info graphic for tips for course/training design

Designing and delivering training that results in transformation and learning rarely happens by accident.To power up, your training design and delivery start here … STAGE ONE – One of the first stages in designing training programs is to define the outcomes you want to create. What do you want your participants to know and be able to […]

3 Mistakes you can easily avoid when creating your online course

1 – Not creating your course with your audience in mind.You content needs to speak directly to, and connect with your audience. For example, a personal development course created for executives will use different language and examples than the same course aimed at spiritual entrepreneurs. 2 – Not thinking about how long it will take the […]

The Atom

Some questions to ponder …Everything is energy including us. Science has discovered that ‘physical’ atoms are actually vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. Each one radiates its own unique energy signature.Therefore, if we really want to observe ourselves and find out what we are, we are really beings of energy and vibration, radiating […]

Is mindfulness just a fad, or does it really matter?


As managers, leaders, coaches and trainers we aim to have major and positive impacts on the lives of our staff and clients. To be great at what we do, it is imperative that we have a never-ending thirst to learn. We must continue to build our suite of tools and techniques to help others achieve […]

Weekend Wisdom

Just because you don’t require a lot to be happy … doesn’t mean you only deserve the bare minimum. The Universe

Network Building and Connection

Thank you to all the awesome humans who came to play at our ‘Network Building and Connection’ party – exploring expending our reach and impact!!! There was a big YES to do it again so the next date and time will be advised soon! Please all continue to connect with each other and practice your ‘3 hooks’ lets […]

This is how we play in the wisdom playground

Today just coaching is not enough to create a thriving business. You need to identify and be sharing your wisdom … visibly and powerfully. One tip on how to do that … use imagery in your presentations, posts, workbooks, coaching handouts and pretty well everywhere you can! We start to unpack “making your wisdom visible” […]

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