Play & Imagination

Don’t let your reality be greater than the possibilities.If according to Albert Einstein … Imagination truly is more important than knowledge.. because knowledge is limited .. and if the significant problems we face cannot be resolved by the same level of thinking that created them and ,,, If these statistics are true (which they are) is […]


YOU’RE AWESOME AND YOU’RE DOING GREAT: WHY LIFE COACHES ARE IN DEMAND [SYDNEY MORNING HERALD JAN 2022] The life coaching business has been turbo-charged by the pandemic, with many of us looking for ways to change not just our habits but our thought patterns .. But here’s the most intriguing thing: there’s a whole profession out […]

Notice how it changes your whole perspective on life.

Imagine this … every single being you encounter is enlightened, except one … you!Imagine that they are all here to teach you.All those you encounter are acting as they do solely for your benefit, to provide just the teachings and difficulties you need to awaken.Sense what lessons they offer to you.Inwardly thank them for this.Throughout a day or a […]

Create a High Value, High Ticket coaching package!

Create a High Value, High Ticket coaching package! Wah wah … we hear it all the time but what does that actually mean?Is it about a coaching package or is it about coaches better communicating the value they bring to their clients, so they can charge prices they feel are more aligned with the transformation they […]

Coaches Healers Practitioners

The Right Structure Creates Ease, Repeatability and … believe it or not … FLOW
It sends you down the road of less effort, increased income and more meaningful results for your clients.

What do you do?

This week Deb King lead the charge in The Wisdom Playground Members Learning Party (that’s quite a mouth full isn’t it!!) as we explored simpler, more powerful and fun ways to answer that dreaded question…  What do you do? We have all heard rambling introductions and none of us wants to be that person! With more […]

3 Simple yet Powerful Coaching Tools to help Clients get ‘unstuck’​

Everyone gets stuck at some point. Helping clients get unstuck can be key to great coaching outcomes. Clients engage coaches to help them achieve outcomes that are important to them, outcomes they don’t feel they can achieve alone. These pursuits are often challenging, so it makes sense that sooner or later most clients will feel […]

Driving the Future of Business Leadership and Management

To remain relevant as leaders and managers, we need to challenge the holy grails, debunk myths and invent new practices better suited for the 21st century. We need to move beyond past paradigms and create new, future oriented paradigms and ways of leading. We know that communities, economies, humanity, technology and business have massively evolved since the […]

What is your definition of coaching?

What is your definition of coaching? Why does it matter? Glad you asked .. 😘 Whatever your definition coaches have an important place in our world…but when it comes to defining the term (outside of sports coaching) it can ignite interesting emotions as coaches seek to defend their ‘definition’ and I know this first hand. I […]

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