Create a High Value, High Ticket coaching package!

Create a High Value, High Ticket coaching package! 😱
Wah wah … we hear it all the time but what does that actually mean?
Is it about a coaching package or is it about coaches better communicating the value they bring to their clients, so they can charge prices they feel are more aligned with the transformation they create? or is it a bit of both?
This is a topic that has a lot of layers!
So here is just one insight that we see over and over again in our clients at The Wisdom Playground …when coaches better understand the value they deliver and how they deliver it AND they can communicate the WHAT and the HOW powerfully and aligned to their clients (emotion and logic) … it doesn’t matter if it is a package, a one on one session, a workshop or a webinar … they start charging higher prices across the board and step into being seen as an authority in their field rather than just another “average” coach.
Believe it or not powerfully communicating the WHAT and the HOW are important parts of communicating value. It gives clients a feeling of “comfort” that you know your stuff and the percieved client values increases!

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