Bold & Brilliant Bullseye Express
Unleash Your Genius, Visibility & Success

For Coaches, Healers and Trainers Transformating Lives Online

Do you feel it? 

A twinge of dissatisfaction with where you’re at in your business?

Wanting to create coaching and training products from what you know, but not sure what to do next?

Knowing you are here to make an impact but reluctant to step out as an expert? 

Or maybe you can relate to → THIS … 

Whatever your challenge … we’ve got you!


Gabby Button and Deb King

Combined over 50 years of experience, expertise and research to fast track your path to more impact, more money and more freedom.


It's time to embrace your Bold and Brilliant self.

Everything you are feeling is just a nudge. A sign that it’s time to take action and embrace new ways to turn your ‘know how’ into a successful business and transformational products.

Welcome to the Bold & Brilliant Bullseye Express.

This is more than just a training program.

  • It’s an invitation to every woman who wants to make an impact and has a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to share.
  • It’s a new way of identifying, owning and show casing your expertise
  • it’s personalised guidance to turn your expertise into a successful business.

Bold & Brilliant Bullseye Express is a space where we leverage extensive research, a deep undesrtanding of how to design and deliver transformational programs and proven structures to set you on the path to building a successful and sustainable business that you love.  

Together, we carve a fresh pathway to power, wisdom, and success.

We share our own transformational wisdom, get get you into aligned action and nuture you to move past any current blocks or challenges toward your goals.

Bullseye Express is not just about acquiring skills - it's about sparking a shift.

It is an invitation to amplify all that you already are and shape it into a powerful, impactful products and business – on your terms.

Utilising our unique Bullseye Express Success Blueprint, with its three zones of mastery and nine power skills, we explore how to overcome your current business challenges, how to identify and own your expertise and how to design and create your chosen online/digital product (high value coaching packages, group coaching programs, live online training, evergreen training, webinars, memberships, ebooks, books and more) and fast-track your success. 

We also infuse each zone with the power of ChatGPT AI, accelerating your journey toward success, faster and smoother than ever before.


Embrace the essence of who you are. Rediscover your unique wisdom and radiate it with newfound confidence. You have a distinct voice and a deep well of knowledge, and it’s time to let it shine brightly. 

Power Skills:

  • Wisdom Discovery: Uncover your unique knowledge, skills and expertise and their real benefits for your clients.
  • Visual Expression: Translate your knowledge into visual models for effective communication in a way that can be used in all your product offerings.
  • Value Embodiment: Recognize and embrace your worth to boost confidence and market your services effectively.


Deeply understand your clients, not as entries in a database but as real people with real needs, real emotions, real dreams. Our empathy, our ability to connect, and understand are our strengths, and it’s time we leveraged them to create success.

Power Skills:

  • Client Empathy: Deeply understand your clients’ experiences and perspectives.
  • Client Dialogue: Learn how to effectively communicate using  language and expressions that resonate with them.
  • Client Engagement:  Create marketing strategies that directly address your clients’ needs, concerns, and aspirations, ensuring you create products and solutions they are ready to buy.


Harness your unique wisdom, your creativity, and your problem-solving abilities to create powerful, transformative products and solutions. It’s time to translate your wisdom into offerings that change lives and create the prosperous, fulfilling business you’ve dreamed of. Whether it is pre-recorded or live online training, high value coaching packages, memberships, ebooks, books or more.

Power Skills:

  • Structured Success: Leverage from proven structures and approaches to create repeatable success, save time and grow your business.
  • Visible Victories: Design clear progress paths for clients, boosting motivation and ensuring results.
  • Express Templates: Use proven templates, frameworks and tools to expedite your design, creation and delivery process.

Guided Mastery

Using our well-researched framework as a compass, as well as decades of experience gained in the field of personal and professional development, we guide you to identify and own your unique wisdom, confidently position yourself in your market, and embrace your innate feminine energy to create powerful and transformational products from your wisdom..

All while adopting aligned strategies to amplify your business growth and magnify your impact.

Who can benefit from this program?

In essence, any woman ready to unleash her genius, visibility, and impact will benefit from this program. 

Women Coaches, Healers, Practitioners If you're a woman whose business is about transforming lives, this program is designed for you.

Online Trainers: This is for women ready to adopt an impactful, expansive approach to sharing their wisdom and shaping minds.

Self Help Authors: Women who have contributed to collaborative books or  published their own and know it's time to monetize their wisdom.

What you’ll get from this program...

Interested but want to know more?

Join The Family Of Success Stories ...

 I just want to tell you how important this program has been. I've been working for years trying to figure out exactly what my superpower is - and this program helped me figure that out and I learnt how to build a program around it...and I have created incredible results not just for me but for my clients too.

Tiffany Noelle Brown
Dr of Inclusion

Best decision as I stepped out as a wellbeing coach. I identified and unpacked my wisdom for the first time ever into a meaningful coaching programme. This program helped me grow beyond measure & gave me much needed confidence in myself and my unique body of wisdom. I even joined the sessions whilst on holidays.

Stephanie Pound
Wellbeing Coach

I have been through a lot of programs. This really opened my eyes to things that I could add to make my participant experience better and help me to improve as a coach. It really opened my eyes. Fresh ideas I had never heard of or thought about before, and it's been super valuable. I already added them to my coaching program with great success!

Sara Fins
Financial Coach

Fun, interactive, challenging, mind-blowing - lets us view our gifts/approaches through the lens of our clients and create powerful valuable products with ease. It's transformational for your business and your heart!  It meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go!

Victoria Reeves
Communication & Writing Coach

 Brilliant and wow, so now! As an experienced coach it was great to let go of lots of the ‘old stuff’ which wasn’t serving me anymore and know how to identify and own my expertise and turn it into transformational valuable programs. 

Debbie Hogg
Self Worth Coach

 There is much to rave about. The unique approach to creating high value solutions delivers results that I never could have achieved on my own - both in the actual program I am able to now offer to clients, and in better understanding the depth and scope of what I offer to clients.

Elizabeth Wallace
Animal Communicator

Meet Your Guides

Gabby Button

Co-Founder of The Wisdom Playground, Director of The Australian Institute of Leaders & Entrepreneurs

After an extensive Corporate career as a Financial Controller, Project Director and Consulting Manager, I followed my passion in the field training an development.

Today I am an award winning facilitator (Australian Institute of Management), coach and business leader.

I have worked with well over 100 companies including designing a coaching program for The Boston School of Medicine and heading a leading edge research project into the coaching industry for a tech start up.

I have also trained well over 1000 participants including manager, leaders and coaches around the globe.

Why I created this course: After being involved in extensive research in the coaching industry I could not believe that what we discovered was not being taught – anywhere!, and I mean anywhere!! I became very aware that many coaching colleges and marketing gurus are unwittingly setting coaches up to fail. It wasn’t long before I realised the traditional coaching industry is so steeped in their current paradigms that they didn’t want to change! So that got my fire burning! Then almost two years ago Deb King, one of the best coaches I know, partnered with me to put together this leading edge program which we are gradually taking to the world with rave reviews!. I am very committed to getting this knowledge out there to support coaches, practitioners and subject matter experts of all kinds to create greater financial and business success, achieve easier client results and make the impact they are here to make. (Because right now the world really needs your wisdom.)

If you want to connect you will find me on linkedin.

Deb King

Co-Founder of The Wisdom Playground

Hey, I’m Deb King, a transformational master coach and coach of coaches.

Like most people I started working in a range of roles to find what I love. From night club licensee in London to a national promotions manager in a Media Company (where I finally put my marketing degree into practice). I soon found my passion was helping people bring more joy into their life, and step into their chosen careers with confidence.

Now, with over 20 years of experience, and back in my home country of Australia, I’ve coached, mentored, and trained thousands of people worldwide and I have worked for leaders in the personal and professional development field such as The Entourage, the International Coach Federation and Lever (Transfer Of Learning).

Today, as an award-winning coach, I’m known for supporting Coaches, Healers, and Leaders to create a joyfully successful business (and life).

How this program got started : I am a traditionally trained and certified life coach with 20 years of experience, so I know what the industry teaches and the challenges with building a successful business. When Gabby told me the reasearch findings it was one of those light bulb moments. I immediately realised that traditional coach training is failing, and more importantly was able to clearly see why that is! On top of that, I could totally relate to her challenges with the coaching industry not wanting to change their programs. Her findings were and still are game changing. I knew then and there that we had to get this information out ourselves! That was three years ago and here we are today with an amazing course, incredible testimonials and world leading content that I believe all coaches should be doing!

If you want to connect you will find me on linkedin.

Course Schedule

US and Australia Friendly Times

Delivered Live Online : 4 x 2.5hr Sessions Over 4 Weeks

Thursday Mornings (Australia) / Wednesday Evenings (US)

Next Dates TBA

Free BONUS 4 Weeks in our GROUP COACHING membership community (value $250)

Tuesday Mornings (Australia) / Monday Evenings (US)

90 Minute Sessions  

All Start Times As Below

It's time to embrace your bold and brilliant self.

Normally priced at $1497, we’re offering a special $300 discount on our August program as our way of helping more women to harness their power and share their wisdom with a world that needs it more than ever. 

So, you get the same impactful program for just $1297 

Step into your brilliance and make a difference today.

Register Below (USD)


7 Week Program
$ 697 2 x Payments
  • Everything in Jump In
  • Pay in two equal payments of $697
  • One payment when you register, and the next four weeks later.
  • Total Price $1394


7 Week Program
$ 1297 1 x Payment
  • 3 x Live 2.5hr Online Learning Sessions with expert facilitators and interactive sessions
  • 4 Weeks of 90 MInutes Group Coaching
  • Workbooks, resources and templates to fast track your progress and deepen your learning
  • Private group support
  • Additional sessions of office hours working with experts on stand by


3 Months VIP
$ 7500 3 x Payments
  • Personalised 1:1 Coaching Program to ensure results in your business
  • Coached, trained, mentored and fully supported to step into your power, own your value, and express your expertise in a way that sets you apart
  • 'Done with You' support, Expert Reviews & Feedback
  • Additional Exposure Opportunities to expand your reach .. and a whole lot more!
  • Rapidly unlock your expertise, create high-value products with ease, and elevate your business through exclusive support and exposure
  • Payment $2500 per month

P.S. While Bold & Brilliant Bullseye Express is a program designed by women for women, we welcome everyone who resonates with our mission. 

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