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Here’s a word from some of our clients

😘😘😘 Here’s what Victoria Reeves has to say 
Inspired. Practical. Mystical! Gabby & Deb (Leaders, Coaches, Creators of The Wisdom Playground) are truly transformational in their approach to training, motivating, guiding and forming Coaches from around the world to become our magnified selves! 
I’ve worked with them for almost 2 years now and seen my personal/professional and creative life expand in ways I never thought possible. Real talk. These women will catapult you to the next level (when you also do the inner work to shift + grow)! 

Whether you are a budding new way-shower or a seasoned coach with a burgeoning practice, the inspiration and creative/practical tools you’ll learn in The Wisdom Playground are really helpful, do-able and fun! And they work. REAL TALK

And Debbie Hogg …
SkyRocket was brilliant!! Innovative, informative, interacting and wow, so now!
This is a fabulous program, the wisdom shared is absolute ‘Gold’ and will 100% shift your coaching business (provided you take the inspired action).
I highly recommended, it also has a huge amount of research attached to it, I would even go as far as saying, it’s ‘cutting edge’!
I am a highly experienced coach (been around a long time) and I got a massive amount out of it (renewed energy, loads of tools, put my prices up, and got new clients).
I love supporting coaches, and anyone in small business so had to share!
And Tanya Maree …
This is an absolutely brilliant masterclass. I learnt so much about what it takes to evolve from a good coach to a great coach.
I’m so much more confident about what it is I do, how to package it, how to articulate it and how to ensure my clients get more than what they came for.
I would highly recommend this masterclass no matter where you are in your coaching business; just starting out or with years of experience. Sign up, you’ll love it.
And Sashua Benay …
The most valuable thing I got out of this program was every tool and guideline I would ever need to design and deliver world-class coaching on any subject, at any level, as far as I wanted to take it. I now feel completely unlimited to do so.
The thing I enjoyed most about the program was the heartfelt support and accountability from the masterful coaching team and the incredible solidarity between the fellow participants, all of us moving in synchronicity and in turn elevating the soul-centred impact we will all create on a worldwide scale.
Skyrocket is An amazing programme that gives you so much information and tools that will really differentiate you from the masses and make you stand out.
You will have everything you need and so much more that right now you might not even know that you need it. All this information will save you so much time and you have everything in place to spread your wisdom to your clients while looking super professional.
And I loved all the easy to implement tools, templates and information provided and ongoing support. Thanks so much!

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