Product Creation Playground

Where Coaches, Healers, Practitioners & Authors turn their expertise into valuable, transformational and desirable products, get their questions answered and overcome any doubts and fears that are holding them back. 

A Powerful Playful Place To Achieve Your Goals.

When you join The Playground you join a Global eCommunity of coaches, healers, practitioners and authors focussed on leveraging their expertise and positioning themselves as knowledgeable transformational leaders.

The Playground will keep you in action and fast track your product creation. No more excuses. No more procrastination. No more doing it alone.

We keep you in action and accountable to your product creation goals by supporting you through a range of channels including:

  • 1:1 Coaching and Goal Setting
  • Group Coaching 
  • Mini Training Sessions
  • Micro Coaching
  • Progress Check-Ins
  • Reviews & Feedback 
  • Ongoing Video & Training Content Specific To Members Challenges and Needs
  • Templates, Workbooks, Frameworks and other Tools to fast track your specific Product Creation requirements. 

Stay On Track to Make Money From Your Expertise

Create Programs from Your Expertise - For Coaches, Healers and PRactitioners

We Are Here to Fast Track Your Journey.

Coaches and Creating Powerful Training Programs

Keeping You in Action is What We Do!

Creating and delivering valuable, desirable results driven products, from your expertise, draws on a wealth of knowledge from the fields of learning and development, personal development, professional development, marketing, sales and a whole lot more more.

That’s why we started the Product Creation Playground. No matter what training you have done, when you start to leverage your expertise into products there is always so much more to learn. You just don’t know what you don’t know!

In the playground, when you find yourself needing to know more, we are here. You get what you need, when you need it – to keep you in action, especially when you are feeling challenged or overwhelmed.

Our aim it to provide the expertise, accountability and supportive learning environment so you can step powerfully out as a knowledgeable leader and build you business by leveraging your expertise.

Join The Playground & Make 2023 Your Year

Whether you want to create live online, pre-recorded online, live in person training (of any duration), high value coaching packages or marketing materials utilising your wisdom – we’ve got you covered.

Membership is offered via the following channels.  

1 – Our Programs: When you complete any of our training programs you are invited to join the Product Creation Playground. Some of our larger programs include up to three months membership in your investment.

2 – By Application: If you have not compeleted any of our programs you can apply to be a member by booking a ‘Next Best Steps’ session with Deb King (Co-Founder). During this session we will explore where you are at and get clarity on your goals to ensure you are a good fit.

What Do You Want To Work Work On?

Create Programs from Your Expertise - For Coaches, Healers and PRactitioners
One good conversation can change your life!

Here's what some of our members have to say ...

Inspired. Practical. Mystical! Gabby + Deb (Leaders/Coaches/Creators of The Wisdom Playground) are truly transformational in their approach to training, motivating, guiding and forming Coaches from around the world to become our magnified selves! 

I’ve worked with them for almost 2 years now and seen my personal/professional and creative life expand in ways I never thought possible. Real talk. These women will catapult you to the next level (when you also do the inner work to shift + grow)!

Victoria Reeves – Creative Path Coach : Founder of Creative Tribe Dojo, Chicago, USA

Thank you so much Deb & Gabby for all your love and brilliance. You truly are new era wisdom Leaders and life changers.

Ginny Daniels – Bloom network, Rethinking women’s wealth.

Our Expertise is Making Your Expertise Shine!

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