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Why does this matter? EVERY great coach understands their client, often better than they understand themselves. 

Why? Because without an understanding of your client you will continually be challenged with creating a thriving business. You will struggle with sales and marketing. 

Why else? Because with a deep understanding of your clients you will be able to constantly improve the impact of your products and services, and create the transformation you want to see in the world.

The challenge for most coaches is that …. we know our stuff! You think that would be a good thing. 

Well it is, and it also has its draw backs.

The main draw back is that we can forget that we know so much more than our clients, which leads us to speaking to our clients as if they already know how to overcome their challenges and/or achieve their dreams. We go into ‘solution’ speak.

To sell our package powerfully we need to speak directly to our client, to where they are at and/or to where they want to go.


diving deep to understand, and keep understanding your clients

We need to continually dive deep and understand our client.

The best way to do this is to explore questions such as:

  • Who is your ideal client for your coaching package?
  • What are their core struggles?
  • What are their deepest desires?
  • What are they experiencing in their life right now?
  • What are they looking to achieve or overcome?
  • How will they feel when they get there?  

Another great way to dive deep and understand your client is to brainstorm answers to the questions in each of the sections of the diagram below which are:

  • Frustrations: What frustrations are my prospects facing right now that they want to move away from?
  • Fears: What do they fear with happen in the future?
  • Wants: What do they most want to happen right now?
  • Aspirations: What are their aspiractions, hopes, desires and dreams for the future?

your coaching package

Once you understand your client, it is time to connect your coaching program with your clients inner voices.

Make sure you write your marketing material and do promotion based on their BLUE PART of the pie above. 

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