Skyrocket high-Value Coaching Package System

Our signature training program for coaches is called SkyRocket …
Why? Because you won’t just have a fabulous high value coaching program to Skyrocket your business you will also SkyRocket ..
  1. Your Confidence (because you will know without doubt that you can create and delivery powerful coaching programs)
  2. Your Value (because you will have no longer questions the value you bring to your clients’ lives)
  3. Your Prices (because 1 + 2 gives you much greater alignment, desire and even excitement to increase your prices)
  4. Your Product Range (because what you learn in SkyRocket can be applied to any or all of your coaching products and services, and will also open you up to creating a greater range of ‘Wisdom’ based products and services.)
  5. Your Wisdom (because you will unpack your wisdom so that it can be repackaged powerfully into your products – it is your secret sauce.)
And you will join a community of coaches and healers who are stepping into their mastery, making a greater impact and creating businesses that make their heart sing.

We have programs running in September and November.

If you want to know more please reach out to Deb King or myself … and you can find out the latest dates here.

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