The Great Resignation and the Great Job Realignment

⭐ I am hearing so much about “The Great Resignation” .. and the “Great Job Realignment”. What are you hearing? More importantly, what are you doing about it?⭐

Employees are fundamentally changing their view of work at a pace previously unimaginable.

The catalyst? Lockdowns, working from home and companies so easily letting go of experienced and valuable staff who, for whatever reason are choosing not to be vaccinated. (Contraversial statement – yes, but that is the truth of what is happening. Those remaining are observing how the organisation is treating these people and questioning their own futures.)

All of this is leading a very large percentage of the population rethinking what it means to work.

Based on what I am experiencing within my client base and research that is starting to surface, here is my top 10 predictions of the future of work.

1 – A massive upsurge in self employed and entrepreneurs creating businesses that are primarily online.
2 – Greater demand for “new era” coaches and trainers who can support people through this transition on every level.
3 – A greater focus on quality of life rather than a pay packet.
4 – Decreased tolerance for toxic leadership and companies that have no heart or soul.
5 – A reinvention of traditional work places and what it means to be a manager.
6 – Greater self care on every level.
7 – A rise in collaborative and innovative business ventures that break all the rules of business creation.
8 – Huge businesses going out of business because they can’t change quick enough … well they could but there will be those leaders and managers who want to remain in old world power and control.
9 – Traditional management, leadership and business training qualifications and certificates losing their grip because they too cannot keep up to pace with the changes.
10 – Business models like multi level marketing booming as they too reinvent their models to support the change that is upon us.

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