This is how we play in the wisdom playground

Today just coaching is not enough to create a thriving business. You need to identify and be sharing your wisdom … visibly and powerfully.

One tip on how to do that … use imagery in your presentations, posts, workbooks, coaching handouts and pretty well everywhere you can!

We start to unpack “making your wisdom visible” in our SkyRocket Coaching Program and then continue down the road of mastery in our learning community where we have weekly learning parties.

The learning topic last week … was … you guessed it “The Use of Imagery”. We focussed solely on this topic and it will continue as a focus because it is such a critical component of stepping into your wisdom and being seen as an authority in your field.

So stay tuned to see what images and visual models our coaches share going forward.

Oh, and if you join our community you can jump into our membership area and watch my learning presentation on Imagery from the last learning party. 

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