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Tips for Course/Training design

Designing and delivering training that results in transformation and learning rarely happens by accident.
To power up, your training design and delivery start here …
STAGE ONE – One of the first stages in designing training programs is to define the outcomes you want to create. What do you want your participants to know and be able to do by the end of the program?
Transformational training is created with one purpose in mind, to create outcomes for participants. Of course, trainers cannot ‘create the outcomes for the participants, but they can, and should, maximise the design and delivery approach to give participants the best possible chance of the stated outcomes being achieved for a majority if not all participants.
Masterful trainers will tell you that outcomes and transformation do not ‘just happen’. They need to be precisely designed into the program.
Outcomes include stating what the participants:
  • should know
  • be able to do and
  • how they should feel at the end of the course.
We generally refer to this as thinking about outcomes in terms of head, heart and hands.
There are many reasons to start here including:
  • Timing – based on the proposed duration of the training do you have enough time to deliver those outcomes?
  • Marketing – well-defined outcomes are critical for attracting an audience – people buy outcomes, not training!
  • Manage Expectations – defining outcomes enables you to better communicate to your audience what to expect, avoiding buyer remorse and problem participants.
If you want to practice this step … write down the three headings of head, heart and hands and brainstorm under each one what your training will delivery for your participants.

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