What do you do?

This week Deb King lead the charge in The Wisdom Playground Members Learning Party (that’s quite a mouth full isn’t it!!) as we explored simpler, more powerful and fun ways to answer that dreaded question…

😱 What do you do?

We have all heard rambling introductions and none of us wants to be that person! With more and more online networking it is important that we can explain what we do quickly, conversationally and with clarity.
So we explored this formula:
  • You know how … (customer problem you address eg. you know how there are a lot of women who lack confidence in themselves)
  • What I do is … (the outcome you create eg. well I take them to a place where their confidence not only returns but they spark new journeys in their life)
And we had a lot of free-flowing fun, playing with it and refining our messages. As we played we explored:
  • how we would share this information right now based on our current view of the world
  • if you could 100% guarantee the outcome of your work
  • in our wildest dreams
  • what your client would want you to say
Why did we explore by playing with ideas that we would never say?
Because it is from this exploration and use of our imagination and creative play, that we will receive the spark of genius and clarity to refine our message. And let’s face it, we need to bring a whole lot more fun back into our learning and business .. and that is why we called ourselves The Wisdom Playground and not The Wisdom Learning Academy 🤣

This playing also lead to an extension of the model thanks to Filimon Filippou playing full tilt… we then extended the playing with these additional prompts ..
  • I do this because (my why)
  • The way I do this is
This simple formula can result in an easy way to introduce yourself and can be quickly tailored so you related to the different audiences and situations you find yourself in.
Over the coming weeks, we will continue to practice this model as a 30-second introduction. Can’t wait to hear how they get refined over the coming month.

We would love you to share your playing with this formula in the comments. Go on, give it a try!
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