Your Wisdom

Great coaches tend to focus their coaching into an area where they have experience and passion. They share their wisdom, in ways that light up their own souls, as well as those that they serve.

When you coach this way, you have greater insight into your client’s challenges, and the emotional journey on which they are about to embark. You have a depth of knowledge and wisdom to help them achieve their desires, goals and dreams. You become a coach, guide, mentor and trainer

Your coaching is based on YOUR unique experience. Packaging your genius not only makes you a more effective coach, it also makes coaching more meaningful and purposeful, and it makes it easier to get clients!

Your Wisdom is what sets you apart in the market place. It is what you want to share with the world as a result of your lifes journey. It is your unique “body of knowledge”, and even if you focus on a similar topic as other coaches, for example ‘Self Confidence’, the information and knowledge you share with your clients will be your unique approach. Your Wisdom. Your Way.

Clients are looking for coaches who they want to work with, who they believe can help them achieve the results they want in their life. They find these coaches by observing the knowledge and wisdom they share, and the impact they are making.

All the great coaches we interviewed and our ongoing observations of coaches shows that Great Coaches ‘unpack’ their Wisdom and use this as the foundation for all their products and services.

And … the great thing about starting to unpack your Wisdom is that once you start unpacking it, the universe sends you even more wisdom to share. It is like unpacking your wisdom for the first time is breathing out … and then you breath in ever greater insights and more wisdom to share. 


For most coaches, the first time they start to unpack their wisdom is when they create their first high priced coaching package. 

This ‘unpacking’ enables you to see and share your Wisdom, and plants the seed to unpack it further as the basis for more and more leveraged and powerful coaching and training products.

Today, a coach cannot survive by simply delivering coaching. Adding training products into the mix enables greater leverage such as group coaching programs, training program delivery and pre-recorded online training products.

This ongoing unpacking of your wisdom allows you to step more and more into your mastery and your role as a transformational leader.

In this program we focus on the first step of unpacking your Wisdom to underping your coaching package.

If you are interested in unpacking your Wisdom to create powerful training programs please get in touch. This requires a deeper dive and your commitment to stepping into your next level of mastery and we would love to support you on that journey.

Your wisdoM made visible

Our core focus for unpacking your wisdom will be on making your wisdom visible using your Wisdom Wheel.

You can find that content in the Your Wisdom Wheel section of these notes.  


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